Ventilation Repair Service In Van Nuys

By George Saado

Ventilation applies to the air being removed from your home.  When considering calculations of such air movement, it is measured by cubic feet.  Imagine your floor space’s square footage and multiply that with the height of your home and you will get the cubic feet figure.  In air conditioned spaces, make up air is introduced into the home from outside.  So with Ventilation fans, the air is venting out of your home to outside and with the make up air fans, air is venting into your home.


When considering a reputable company for your ventilation repair service in Van Nuys, let us give you an honest and fair estimate!


There are grease traps that are inline with restaurant hoods that trap the grease that escapes the hood grills.  You are most likely familiar with your kitchen hood which is another type of the most important vents in the house besides the bathroom vent.

We repair most ventilation fans motors or repair a broken fan belts.  Incidently, roof top air conditioners deploy an intake make up air that often breaks down.  Some times, it is an overload and the circuit breaker trips, but other times, it’s the motor or the capacitor.  

We had a customer that has music studio with quiet rooms to record music, but the bathroom fan was too loud.  We tried insulating the ducts, as the ducts were just the metal wire and plastic.  We changed the vent completely to a more quieter fan and installed anti-vibration rubber between the ceiling joist and the fan vent body.  It worked.  

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 We offer a free – no obligation – estimate.  We come to your home and do an in-home ventilation inspection.  Our ventilation repair service in Van Nuys CA, offers an in-home free estimate – some times we can do same-day service ro same-day estimate, depends on our schedule.  That is the first step – to schedule a free in-home inspection followed by a proper plan of action and an estimate cost of labor and material needed to repair your ventilation system.

Ventilation repair service in van nuys ca
Ventilation Repair Service In Van Nuys CA


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